Only 10 months of work! :)
January 23, 2001
Boy am I a speed demon or what. She has been kicking around my hard drive for over 10 months. I could get the body done but the head was an absolute mystery. I picked up Inside Lightwave 6 and after oh 100 remodels I came to this point. No textures just color.
Some of the texture maps in place. There is still alot of texture tweaking that needs to be done. The makeup on her eyes needs changed and she is in desperate need of some blush or sunlight. Yes I know the hair is horrible but I just got Sasquatch and this is a first attempt. I just got really sick of seeing her bald. Whoever said that you would spend as much time in a paint program as you would in modelling is 100% correct.
A little more work done on the texturing. I'm not sure about the tan lines though... umm dropped the hair until I get a chance to do a better job in Sasquatch.. =\
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