March 5, 2001 Completed work on this amazing plane. To think that the German's had somthing like this in 1944 again shows the fantastic advances made in combat aircraft during WW-II. The reason stated for the plane not entering service was that the fuel tanks couldn't be protected with armor because of weight considerations. One hit and BOOM, pretty plane all over the landscape. special thanks to Mark Davies for some tips on how to model the beast and to Dan Johnson for the great ortho views that he sent from his site Luft '46. lazy so you'll have to use your back button.
Me P.1111 Stats
Crew One
Engine He S-011
Thrust 2,866 lbs
Span 30'
Length 29' 3"
Height 10'
Loaded 9,437 lbs
Speed 618 mph (est)
Ceiling 45,090 ft.
Range 932 miles.
Arm 4 x Mk108 Cannon
16,895 polys. SubD level 3. 20 image maps.

The pictures above are some test renders during construction. The bottom ones are with the final model. I'll post more scene shots as I get them done.


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