I Fell in love with the shape of this beauty from the moment its creator Kyle Batson (Dark Raven) showed me it. I've been puttering away at it ever since. This is where I'll post the quick test renders of it from start to (hopefully) finish. The original drawing is on his site "Avalon Sector"
Maps are starting to come along. There really should be more time in the day!! Its not progressing near as fast as I would have liked,
May 20, 2001

Minus a couple more little tweaks, I think she is done. Not bad Its 5167 polys, SubD levels range from 4 to 6. 43 seperate maps make up the textures for her. Only 6 lights parented to the mesh since I don't know where the others would go =) Thanks to DR for his patience and help along the way. May 27, 2001