Lightwave in a Cage =)

I was told that this function existed as far back as version 5.6 but I never saw it or I did and I've forgotten. So lets revisit the cage function as it stands now in version 7. This could be an easy way to do up a fuselage or anything else that is basically tube shaped. I suppose you could even modify it to do wings too.
The cage button is on the create menu towards the middle. The requestor that pops up is where you set all your tubes parameters. Here I'm creating it on the Z axis with 10 sections along the length, 8 sides, 11.5 meters long and a diameter of 1.2 meters. You can also see the tube this creates.
I didn't load any backdrop images so this isn't anything scale or actual. I just used the scale and stretch to make it look like a fuselage. Since it is centered Symmetry will also work for tweaking each point. This is what it looked like after about 3 min of tweaking. Give the cage a part name so its easier to select later.
With nothing selected move to the multiply tab and you'll find the Patches dropdown. When you select this you'll get the following options.Select the autopatch one.
This will bring up the Set Polygon Level requestor like the one below.
Done. Well not really there will always be some tweaking to do. I had to align the polys and then flip to get it all facing the proper way. If the mesh is too sparse then undo and up the polygon level in autopatch. Select the new mesh and cut it out and paste it into a new layer and your off to continue closing the ends and adding a spinner... Go ahead and give wings a try too.
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